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Discover the beauty of antiqued wood finishes with classic Raphael frames

On this page you will be able to discover the classic Raphael frames, works of art in ayous wood made in Italy, with antiqued gold and silver finishes that add a touch of traditional luxury. These frames feature a texture that mimics the look of historical pieces, with a workmanship that highlights the natural beauty of the wood.

Configure your classic wooden frames online

Each Raphael frame can be customized online. By uploading a photo, you'll be able to preview how the frame will complement your space. Select from standard or custom sizes and choose crilex or glass coating for optimal protection and flawless display of your special moments.

Picoglass Wood Frames: warmth and authenticity that excite the walls of the house

Picoglass wooden frames are the result of a careful selection of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and an impeccable appearance. Wood, with its warm authenticity, fits harmoniously into any environment, whether classic or contemporary.

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Picoglass classic frames capture the elegance and timeless appeal of traditional design and style. Classic frames inspired by traditional designs that have stood the test of time Discover the timeless beauty of classic Picoglass frames. Inspired by tradition, each frame is a unique piece, capable of transforming any environment. Choose from fine materials such as FSC-certified® wood, resin or aluminium, to give your spaces a classic and refined elegance.

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