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Classic frames with an antique effect Muchà: luxurious colors and finishes to frame your precious moments

Discover the exclusive collection of classic antiqued frames available in gold and silver finishes. Each frame comes with a precious texture and finish that accentuates the craftsmanship and timeless design, ideal for adding a touch of elegance to your special memories.

Whether it's for an elegant home or a refined office, Muchà frames integrate harmoniously, bringing with them a refined style and unparalleled quality. Their presence is capable of transforming a simple wall into an art gallery.

Customise your frame online

Configure your Muchà frame online: upload a photo to view the final effect, select the size you want and choose between crilex or glass for the cladding. Create your perfect antique frame with just a few clicks.

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Picoglass classic frames capture the elegance and timeless appeal of traditional design and style. Classic frames inspired by traditional designs that have stood the test of time Discover the timeless beauty of classic Picoglass frames. Inspired by tradition, each frame is a unique piece, capable of transforming any environment. Choose from fine materials such as FSC-certified® wood, resin or aluminium, to give your spaces a classic and refined elegance.

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