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Vintage frames made of FSC® Mondrian certified wood

The Mondrian Collection

Discover our selection of vintage Mondrian frames, where each piece is a combination of shabby chic aesthetics and environmental awareness. Made from FSC-certified® pine wood, these frames reflect a commitment to responsible forest stewardship, while ensuring a finish and texture that captures the essence of vintage.

Colours and finishes

The available colours - white, black, natural wood and elegant grey - have been chosen to enhance the natural beauty of the wood and to fit harmoniously into any environment, giving a touch of timeless class. The peculiarity of the finishes enhances the grain of the wood, adding character and charm to each frame.

Online Configuration & Customization

Customizing your Mondrian frame is simple and intuitive. Upload your photo for an instant preview, choose from a variety of sizes, and select the type of coating – durable crilex or clear glass – to create the perfect frame for your environment and style.

Celebrate tradition with vintage Mondrian wooden frames, unique in design and environmentally friendly.

Picoglass Wood Frames: warmth and authenticity that excite the walls of the house

Picoglass wooden frames are the result of a careful selection of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and an impeccable appearance. Wood, with its warm authenticity, fits harmoniously into any environment, whether classic or contemporary. FSC-Certified® Wooden Frames: Sustainability with Style We produce frames using FSC-certified® wood, a symbol of environmentally friendly, socially useful and economically sustainable forest management. Our wide range of wooden frames offers a variety of finishes and colours for every environment: from natural to darker wood, from warm walnut to antique white. Choose the frame that best suits the style of your home. Each frame is made in Italy with an eye for detail, to enhance the beauty of your memories and ensure optimal protection, thanks also to the choice between glass or crilex.

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Relive the style of yesteryear with vintage Picoglass frames. Not just frames, but authentic furnishing decorations for your home. Our exclusive collection offers a wide selection of vintage and shabby chic frames, carefully selected from quality materials such as pine or ayous wood, also FSC® certified.

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