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Classic Dumas Frames: Baroque Art for Modern Interiors

The Dumas collection celebrates the magnificence of the Baroque with a series of classic frames that capture the essence of an era rich in art and style. Each frame, expertly crafted in Italy, is carved in the precious wood of Ayous, ensuring beauty and durability. Available in a palette of sophisticated colours - black, white, silver and bronze - Dumas frames suit any taste and enrich any space with their timeless appeal.

Customization and quality at your fingertips

With the online configurator, customizing your Dumas frame is an easy and pleasant experience. You have the freedom to select the size, choosing from standard or bespoke options to fit your space perfectly. In addition, you can decide on the type of coating you prefer: crilex, for greater strength and safety, or glass, for crystal clear transparency and impeccable protection.

View and choose your favorite color and style

One of the most appreciated features of the configurator is the ability to upload a photo and preview how your image will be enhanced by the chosen frame. This tool allows you to choose with confidence, ensuring that the selected Dumas frame is perfect for your environment and your artwork.

Italian craftsmanship meets baroque design

Dumas frames are a tribute to classic design, designed for those who want to bring baroque elegance to their contemporary spaces. The attention to detail, the refinement of the motifs and the quality of the materials make each Dumas frame a prominent piece of furniture, ideal for enhancing both residential environments and art galleries.

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