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Duccio modern frames: elegance and customization for every environment

In the exclusive Duccio collection, elegance blends with modern design to create frames that are true works of art. Made in Italy, these high-quality resin frames express craftsmanship and innovative design. The Duccio collection stands out for its versatility, available in three sophisticated colors: deep black, pure white and bright red. Each color has been carefully selected to offer a unique style and adapt to different moods and environments.

Customization is just a click away

With the online configurator, customizing your Duccio frame is simple and intuitive. You can choose between standard or custom sizes, to perfectly fit the frame to your space and needs. In addition, you have the freedom to select the type of coating, opting between crilex, which is durable and safe, or classic glass, for superior visual clarity.

Virtual preview of your frame

One of the most innovative aspects of the configurator is the ability to upload a photo to preview how your image will look in your chosen frame. This feature allows you to experiment and choose with confidence, ensuring that the Duccio frame best enhances your framed memory.

Italian design and quality

Each Duccio frame is a symbol of quality and style. Made in Italy, these frames not only beautify your space, but they bring with them a piece of Italian design history and culture. The resin, processed with care and precision, ensures durability and a flawless appearance every time.

Picoglass Modern Frames

In our online shop you will find an exclusive selection of modern frames, ideal for unleashing your creativity. Choose from a variety of models and shades, all with a contemporary design that will add style and elegance to your rooms and walls. Each modern frame in our assortment is carefully designed and manufactured in Italy, designed to blend harmoniously into modern or minimalist contexts. Featuring clean lines, state-of-the-art materials, and high-quality finishes, our frames stand out as unique pieces of art.

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