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Delaunay Modern Wooden Frames: A Symphony of Style and Elegance

With the Delaunay collection, the mastery of frame creation blends with modern elegance and quality craftsmanship. Made in Italy, these frames are an example of excellence in the use of Ayous wood, chosen for its lightness and strength. Available in a range of sophisticated colours – deep black, bright white, warm walnut wood and vibrant red – Delaunay frames offer a variety of choices for every taste and every environment.

Delaunay frames are designed to be versatile, fitting elegantly both as wall furniture elements and as table photo frames. This flexibility, combined with a careful choice of colours, makes Delaunay frames ideal for a wide range of interiors, from the most traditional to the most modern.

Each frame is a work of contemporary design art, with sharp lines and an impeccable finish that enhances the natural beauty of the wood. Perfect for framing precious keepsakes, art prints or works of art, Delaunay frames represent the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Explore the Delaunay collection and be inspired by the beauty and quality of Italian design. With Delaunay, every image finds its ideal frame.

Customise your frame with the online configurator

Our platform offers an online configurator that allows you to customize your frame interactively. You can upload your photo to preview how it will look in the frame, ensuring that the choice is perfect for your space. Select from a variety of standard sizes or customize your frame with non-standard measurements to fit your space perfectly. In addition, you can decide whether you prefer the wall frame or as a tabletop photo frame, for an extra level of customization. The configurator also offers the option to choose between an impact-resistant and safe crilex coating or classic glass, for optimal protection and impeccable visual clarity of your memories.

Picoglass Modern Frames

In our online shop you will find an exclusive selection of modern frames, ideal for unleashing your creativity. Choose from a variety of models and shades, all with a contemporary design that will add style and elegance to your rooms and walls. Each modern frame in our assortment is carefully designed and manufactured in Italy, designed to blend harmoniously into modern or minimalist contexts. Featuring clean lines, state-of-the-art materials, and high-quality finishes, our frames stand out as unique pieces of art.

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Picoglass Wood Frames: warmth and authenticity that excite the walls of the house

Picoglass wooden frames are the result of a careful selection of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and an impeccable appearance. Wood, with its warm authenticity, fits harmoniously into any environment, whether classic or contemporary.

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