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Correggio Classic Frames: Sophistication and Style

Correggio classic frames are a hymn to elegance and good taste. Made of fine Ayous wood, these frames stand out for their beauty and quality craftsmanship. Available in three elegant colours - black, white and gold - Correggio frames fit gracefully into any furnishing style, bringing a touch of class to any room.

The particularity of these frames lies in the natural grain of Ayous wood, which gently emerges, helping to define their classic and timeless design. This texture adds a level of elegance and sophistication, making each frame a unique piece.

Whether you choose deep black, pure white, or opulent gold, every Correggio frame is a style statement. The black finish offers a sophisticated, contemporary look, while the white gives it brightness and freshness. The gold finish, on the other hand, is perfect for those looking for a touch of luxury and splendor.

Correggio frames are ideal for those who want to frame their most precious memories or most beloved works of art in a way that enhances their beauty. With Correggio, every image becomes the protagonist, surrounded by the natural beauty and elegance of Ayous wood.

Customise your frame with the online configurator

Our platform offers an online configurator that allows you to customize your frame interactively. You can upload your photo to preview how it will look in the frame, ensuring that the choice is perfect for your space.

Select from a variety of standard sizes or customize your frame with non-standard measurements to fit your space perfectly. In addition, you can decide whether you prefer the wall frame or as a tabletop photo frame, for an extra level of customization.

The configurator also offers the option to choose between an impact-resistant and safe crilex coating or classic glass, for optimal protection and impeccable visual clarity of your images.

Correggio frames represent the ideal combination of Italian craftsmanship, sophisticated design and customization. Discover the collection and create the perfect frame for your home.

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