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Classic Colbert resin frames: elegance, style and lightness

The Colbert collection of classic frames stands out for its refined elegance and quality craftsmanship, offering two exclusive colors that adapt to every style and environment. The first variant, with its walnut wood finish, radiates warmth and tradition, ideal for those looking for a touch of natural and sophisticated elegance. The second variant, embellished with a gold wire finish, is synonymous with luxury and splendor, perfect for those who want to add an element of elegant luxury and distinction to their environment. Both embody a perfect balance between classic and modern design, transforming any space with their own unique charm.

A versatile design for every need

Both Colbert frames have been designed with a versatility that makes them perfect as both wall frames and tabletop photo frames. The possibility of customizing the measurements through the online configurator allows you to adapt them perfectly to any space and furnishing style.

Classic elegance, quality craftsmanship

The Colbert collection is much more than a series of frames: it is an expression of style and quality that brings a touch of classic elegance to any environment. Choosing a Colbert frame means bringing an exclusive design element into your home, which makes every wall a tale of beauty and refinement.

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