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Anker Vintage Wooden Frames

Anker's collection of wooden frames synthesizes the charm of the past and blends with contemporary elegance. Each wooden frame is a small masterpiece of design, made to enhance your most cherished moments with a unique and timeless style.

The secret of their charm lies in the meticulous details and natural wood grains, elements that together create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. These frames are much more than just decorative accessories: they are real windows capable of telling stories and evoking beautiful memories. Whether it's family photos, artwork, or simple keepsakes, Anker wooden frames offer the perfect balance of vintage style and modernity. Picoglass wooden frames are expertly crafted, highlighting the natural characteristics of the wood and ensuring a high-quality product that will last over time.

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Relive the style of yesteryear with vintage Picoglass frames. Not just frames, but authentic furnishing decorations for your home. Our exclusive collection offers a wide selection of vintage and shabby chic frames, carefully selected from quality materials such as pine or ayous wood, also FSC® certified.

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